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The Grand Excursion


There are various obstacles why people don’t travel outside their back yards or cities. These include physical, financial, fear and anxiety, and mental obstacles. Physical obstacles might include illness, pain, feeling too old or too young, or worries about being able to physically handle flights or bouncing around in the water. Financial obstacles include being unable to take off work or afford travel, as well as running out of money while traveling. Fear can be an obstacle for those who do not feel safe traveling alone, those who suffer from phobias like a fear of heights or water, those who are unsure about language barriers in foreign lands, and those who worry about getting lost while abroad. Mental obstacles might be thoughts that you cannot leave your house or back yard unattended or that no one will take care of your pets or children while you are away. Other obstacles to travel include procrastinating, poor planning, negativity, or just plain failure to make it happen.

The Grand Excursion helps you develop a traveling lifestyle with your friends, family, and co-workers. To accomplish this, you must overcome a whole host of fears and obstacles. This guidebook equips you to overcome your fear of flying or getting on a boat, of going to another country with your family, of being short on money, of starting your own travel empire, and on and on and on. Find doable, practical solutions to help you make your dream come true! A metaphor for you is stop camping in your back yard and start enjoying the real deal. We only have limited time on this Earth. Of those eighty or so years, we work fortyhour weeks for about half of them, leaving us very little time to spend with our friends and families and often limiting us to our back yards due to time and other restraints. Let’s expand and take grand excursions with our families, friends, and co-workers! Let’s build your travel empire around the world!


Your grand excursion starts within your back yard. Look around and take note of the activities you enjoy with your family on the weekends or whenever you get together. Do you find yourself doing the same enjoyable activities over and over again? You might flare up with a different drinking beverage, some fireworks on the side, maybe a steak or two instead of a burger or a hotdog, but your grand excursion starts when you open the cover of this book and work out a plan to go beyond your back yard, to take a real journey that will encourage, educate, and challenge you and your travel companions. Start writing your epitaph of adventure, and when all is said and done, your family will remember you for the great trips you planned and pursued. Showing your exciting videos and picture to others will encourage them to do the same. In this way, you can build a travel legacy.

Learn how to make money while traveling, to build a travel empire that will change throughout the generations. Take the first step toward making your dreams come true. Stop camping in your back yard sand start enjoying the real deal! Allow The Grand Excursion to help you, then share your stories of your grand adventures to help others.


Don’t waste your whole life wishing you’d done more.

Don’t get old and wrinkly, and punish your family by living in the back yard and not seeing the world.

Let the Travangelist come into your life and show you how to build a lifetime of legacy in travel.

The Travangelist Team will teach you how to tap into the eight trillion-dollar travel market.

Let the genie out of the bottle and build your three travel dreams.

Be like Aladdin: Get on your magic carpet and fly around the world.

Let the Travangelist be your travel excuse-buster.

The Grand Excursion is your travel guide to business, entrepreneurship, and vacations with family and friends..

An easy, bite-size path for conquering Digital Transformation:
Escape from the back yard and take your family along on the adventure as you travel around the world.
Let excitement motivate you to make plans to travel beyond your city with family and friends.
Make our travel dreams come true.
Enjoy unique excursions and capture those moments on camera and video.
Start your travel legacy.
Make money on vacation travel and take advantage of the eight million-dollar travel market.
Channel your passion for vacation travel and build a travel empire.
Grab a hold of the real deal.